I ditched Engineering and studied in France for 4 month :o

So… I’m going to France for 4 months… My decision to go to France for exchange was a very impromptu! Through my 4 years in Engineering at Mac, the idea of going on exchange wasn’t something that was pushed and isn’t really a thing that most Engineering students do. I have a strong feeling this is because of the tough …

Made McMaster’s Daily News

Check it out below: http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/award-winning-student-wants-to-see-more-diversity-in-engineering/ http://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/news/2017/student_wants_diversity.html https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/students-recognized-for-exceptional-leadership-at-black-arts-and-innovation-expo/

Student Leadership Award – William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award

Won a the William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award The Awards are given to a Black female and a Black male student attending an Ontario university or college. The Award value is $5,000 for a university or college recipient. Recipients must have good academic standing and must have demonstrated leadership skills with involvement in extra-curricular activities within the community or campus. https://www.hydroone.com/careers/one-awards


Software Engineering and Management at McMaster University: 2013 – Expected 2019 St. Brother Andre Catholic High School: 2009-2013