I ditched Engineering and studied in France for 4 month :o

So… I’m going to France for 4 months… My decision to go to France for exchange was a very impromptu! Through my 4 years in Engineering at Mac, the idea of going on exchange wasn’t something that was pushed and isn’t really a thing that most Engineering students do. I have a strong feeling this is because of the tough …

SE2XB3 Lab 2 – Creating your very own ADT(Abstract Data Type)

Abstract data types (ADTs) are a fundamental tool for programming efficiently in an object-oriented programming language. From my understanding, the difference between implementing an ADT as a Java class is not very different from implementing a function library as a set of static methods. The main difference is that we associate data with the function implementation and we hide the representation of …

Made McMaster’s Daily News

Check it out below: http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/award-winning-student-wants-to-see-more-diversity-in-engineering/ http://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/news/2017/student_wants_diversity.html https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/students-recognized-for-exceptional-leadership-at-black-arts-and-innovation-expo/

Student Leadership Award – William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award

Won a the William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award The Awards are given to a Black female and a Black male student attending an Ontario university or college. The Award value is $5,000 for a university or college recipient. Recipients must have good academic standing and must have demonstrated leadership skills with involvement in extra-curricular activities within the community or campus. https://www.hydroone.com/careers/one-awards

How to set-up a free domain 

This article will allow any user to set up a web domain free of charge and redirect to work website Step 1) Visit dot.tk and enter desired domain name to check availability. Step 2) After selecting an available domain, enter the website page you want to redirect your domain to and make sure Forward this domain to is selected. Select …

Web Developer Challenges #1 : Malaysia’s Biggest Crude Palm Oil company

Malaysia’s Biggest Crude Palm Oil company, Bell Group of Companies This is my first time doing this blogging thing so bear with me… As the Co-Founder and Director of Software at Canvas Group Canada, I have completed jobs for all sorts of clients including small Hamilton businesses like Ideal Tours Canada and McMaster University, however none of those clients compared …


Software Engineering and Management at McMaster University: 2013 – Expected 2019 St. Brother Andre Catholic High School: 2009-2013